Naidu files VP nomination

Leaving the BJP as becoming the next vice-president will require is not an easy task for Naidu who has been an ideologically committed warrior in the saffron cause. The leader stressed as much when at the meeting of the BJP parliamentary board, he turned emotional and could not continue after a point.

The meeting, however, ended on a lighter and celebratory note as Naidu's colleagues gently ribbed him on his penchant for alliterative speeches and how this might have to give way for more gravitas. Modi noted that Naidu would become chairperson of Rajya Sabha after four unbroken terms.

Naidu received more advice from RSS chief Mohan Bhag wat who pointed out that the VP nominee would look to a new innings in public life and work for national good along with BJP's President pick Ram Nath Kovind. The underlying message was clear enough: for the first time, two Sangh nominees were set to occupy the highest constitutional posts.

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