Telangana drops seed ball bombs

The bombing has begun. It will intensify in Warangal in the next few days and will not stop for the next two months. Warangal (rural) district collector Prashant J Patil was the first one to throw the bomb -a seed ball bomb.

In the next few weeks, as many as 1.10 lakh seed ball bombs will be hurled on hills, inaccessible areas and arid forest lands. Each seed ball bomb will have at least three seeds and this monsoon, officials hope they will sprout to increase the green cover.

This concept originated in Japan and Karnataka had borrowed it. In Telangana, the plan is to throw or simply drop them wherever there are no trees. On June 30, seed bombing started in Warangal. Collector Prashant J Patil accompanied by officials, students and villagers took part in it.

As many as 100 women of self-help groups were provided red soil, cow dung and cow urine with which the balls were made. After they dried, bombing was taken up.

Apart from the 1.10 lakh seed ball bombs, another five lakh will be made and thrown in hilly areas or places inaccessible as part of the Haritha Haram programme. The seed varieties include tamarind and neem, among others. “Once it rains, the seed ball will open up and because of the small amount of earth laden with fertilizers, it will begin to sprout,“ Patil said.

Meanwhile, volunteers of Telangana Jagruthi, which indulged in large-scale seed ball bombing, witnessed sprouts coming out of the seed bombs after the rains.

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