Congress, CPM call for change in `first past the post' poll system

Congress has told a parliamentary panel that a mix of “proportional representation“ and “first past the post“ would best reflect the people's mandate in the composition of the legislature, batting for a major overhaul of the way people's representatives are elected.

CPM too is learnt to have plumped for a change in system of election with addition of a share of “proportional representation“. The view of the two opposition parties marks a big step in pushing the debate for a “correction“ in how to elect the legislatures. The parliamentary standing committee on law and justice has sought the views of political parties as well as the Election Commission on the possibility of alternatives to “first past the post“ system.

The query, which would form part of a report to be submitted to Parliament, comes in the backdrop of BJP wins in state assemblies especially the recent one in Uttar Pradesh besides its victory in 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

In its oral submission, Congress is learnt to have argued that elections in recent times have presented a skewed picture of people's mandate which has raised the need for a debate on how the system can be reformed.

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