Somewhere in Telangana....

In an attempt to protect forest land near cities and towns from encroachment, the Telangana forest department has decided to convert them into urban lung spaces with recreational facilities for visitors.
Due to increasing urbanisation, over 85,000 acres of forest land within 5-10 km radius of urban settlements in Telangana are vulnerable to encroachments. After waging legal battles to reclaim many such spaces from land sharks, the forest department has started developing a substantial portion into KBR Park-type spaces and protecting them by erecting compound walls.

In all, 198 forest blocks have been identified all over Telangana. Of this, 14 forest blocks, spread over nearly 8,300 acres, have been identified within and outside the Outer Ring Road i.e.around Greater Hyderabad.

The development of such forest blocks into lung spaces for people was taken up following the directions of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. The objective is to protect the forest land as well as provide some breathing space for citizens vexed with the ever-increasing vehicular traffic, air and noise pollution.

In all, the forest department will develop 80 such parks in the vicinity of towns and cities in the state. Interestingly, the officials are also planning to build cottages in select parks for people who want to live for a couple of days amid nature's bounty. People will also soon be able to rent bicycles at these parks.

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