Of the proposed Pune - Mumbai Hyperloop....

Based on a pre-feasibility report conducted by the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority,  the officials have made a rough estimate regarding Pune-Mumbai Hyperloop’s ticket cost. For those with time constrains will have to pay something between Rs.1,000 and Rs.1,500 for a faster travel between the two cities.

The pre-feasibility report has covered some important elements like modes of travel used by commuters of different class. The ticket prices of buses, cabs, airplanes, trains and the response received by the commuters, who daily shuffle between the two cities, were the important parameters that made the rough estimate, which has appealed to the commuters.

A PMRDA official, who did not wish to be identified, said that while they cannot disclose the exact amount, it will be placed somewhere between Rs.1,000 and Rs.1,500. “According to our studies, it shouldn’t cost more than that. We may not be investing any money into the Hyperloop, but we are one of the golden shareholders and are in a position to contribute our inputs and regulate the prices if essential,” he said.

The Mumbai-Pune journey which usually takes over four hours by a cab or bus, over three hours by train, will be successfully replaced by the Hyperloop in a couple of years. It is expected to cover the 180 km in 25 minutes. The Hyperloop will be made at a whooping price of Rs.40,00, 000 crore by the US-based Virgin Hyperloop One.

The construction of Hyperloop’s trial route from Gahunje to Pimpri is expected to commence by December 2018. The project will materialise in 2024 and passengers will finally get to witness the 25 minute Pune-Mumbai journey settled in a vacuum pod.

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