Corona is as Fatal Today as it was in Beginning: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the hazards of the Covid-19 pandemic were far from over and that it was spreading fast in several places.

His statement comes amid a rising number of positive cases being reported across the country daily.

“We need to be extra vigilant. We have to bear in mind that Corona (virus) is as fatal today as it was in the beginning – that’s why we have to be fully cautious,” Modi said in his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio address.

India’s recovery rate is, however, better compared to other countries and its mortality rate was also comparably lower, he pointed out.

“The loss of even one life is saddening, but India has also succeeded in saving the lives of millions of her people. Wearing a face mask, using a gamcha, or a light towel to cover, twoyard distancing, frequently washing hands, avoiding spitting anywhere, taking full care of hygiene and sanitation — these are the weapons to protect us from Corona,” the PM said.

Modi also urged people to take a pledge of freedom from the pandemic this Independence Day.

Separately, he also took pot shots at Pakistan on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas, saying India can never forget the circumstances under which the battle had taken place.

“Pakistan had embarked upon this misadventure, nursing delusions of encroaching upon Indian soil, to distract attention from the internal strife prevailing there. India was then in the process of making efforts to foster good relations with Pakistan,” Modi said. Quoting a Hindi couplet, Modi said — ‘enmity with one and all for no reason comes naturally for the wicked’.

“People with such a disposition keep thinking of harming even their well-wishers… that is why when India extended a hand of friendship, Pakistan tried to respond, stabbing in the back. But after that, when our gallant Army displayed deeds of valour, when India demonstrated her might, the whole world watched it,” Modi said.

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