Mumbai - Pune Expressway: ₹1k fine if you cover Khalapur-Urse eway stretch in less than 36 mins

Take at least 36 minutes to cover the 55 km stretch between Khalapur and Urse toll plazas on Pune-Mumbai Expressway from August 1, or you will face action for speed norms violation.

“Starting from August 1, those covering the distance in less than 36 minutes will be booked for over-speeding. A fine of Rs.1,000 would be collected from each offender,” Pritam Yavalkar, deputy superintendent of police, Highway Safety Patrol said.

The Union ministry of road transport and highways has set a maximum speed limit of 100 kmph for expressways and 50 kmph in ghat sections for cars and light motor vehicles.

Yavalkar said, “If we travel from the Khalapur to the Urse toll plaza adhering to these maximum speed limits, it takes 36 minutes for the journey. We conducted couple of tests on the route with the help of officials from the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation.

The driver followed the maximum speed limits, including that for ghat sections of the expressway, on both the occasions and took 36 minutes to reach Urse from Khalapur. The benchmark time has been calculated after taking all these factors into account.”

He said, “It is easier for us to keep a tab on over-speeding during the daytime by deploying speed guns and intercepting vehicles, but the same is fraught with risk at night because the speed gunmounted vehicles will occupy a part of the e-way and in most night-time accidents, vehicles end up straying into the shoulder lane. Hence, the authorities feel that all vehicle users must scrupulously follow the calculated benchmark time for their own safety during night travel.”

He said, “The teams of HSP officials will remain posted at the toll plazas in the night-time and they will check the receipts and text messages of the drivers to verify their travel time between the two toll plazas. Action of speed violation will be taken against the drivers completing the journey in 35 minutes or less than that.”

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