Curtain-free solution to Rajdhani coach windows

Eastern Railway has come up with a solution to prevent light and heat from entering through the windows of uncurtained airconditioned coaches of the special Rajdhani Express running between Howrah and New Delhi. This system, that also helps maintain privacy, has been introduced in First AC coaches and will be extended to other classes soon.

“Due to the pandemic, curtains were removed. This led to a problem. Passengers were unable to prevent light from entering the coach even when they wanted to take a nap. It also got warmer inside the coaches, making the ride uncomfortable. Passengers also felt a lack of privacy when the train stopped at stations and people on the platforms attempted to peep in. We have now found a solution to these problems. This will also reduce UV Rays from entering the coaches,” said Kamal Deo Das, CPRO, ER.

The system introduced is a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal -based window pane that can be switched from transparent to opaque (from outside) by passengers as per their choice. These window panes will replace normal ones in other AC coaches of the Rajdhani Express soon. They will also be introduced in trains like Shatabdis and Durontos and will ultimately replace curtains that are difficult to maintain and have a tendency to gather dust.

“Ultimately, all AC coaches in all trains will have such windows,” another ER official said.

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