Mumbai: Petrol rises to all-time high of ₹91.56

Petrol price in Mumbai hit an all-time high on Monday, with the city’s 11 lakh motorists and 23 lakh bikers bound to feel the pinch. Retail rate at over 200 city pumps rose to Rs.91.56 per litre—breaching the last highest of Rs.91.34 on October 4, 2018.

Diesel, too, set a new record with a hike of 27 paise taking the price from Rs.81.60 to Rs.81.87 a litre. The price of petrol in Parbhani district continues to be the highest in the country at a revised rate of Rs.93.97. Since March 2020, petrol price in Mumbai has increased by over Rs.16 a litre.

Transporters say this is the highest rate so far and an increase in cost of essential goods, fruits and vegetables is an inevitable fallout. “It is actually diesel cost that has hit our industry, which is on the brink of collapse, especially small transporters,” said a Chembur transport firm owner. As on date, 65% trucks are lying idle due to transportation costs—65% of which comprises fuel and 20% is toll.

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