India’s daily power demand surges to record 186 GW

India’s power demand hit a record at 185.8 GW on Wednesday, rising 1.6% over the previous record of 182.9 GW on December 30 and marking a 9% increase over the highest single-day supply of 171 GW in January 2020.

According to power secretary S N Sahai, the demand peaked at 9.35am. Government officials said the surge in demand indicated a rebound in industrial and commercial activities in January after a 0.3% dip in factory output in December. The country’s factory output had shown a growth of 1.8% in November. Others said the prolonged cold spell across the northern region also contributed to the surge in demand.

In another indicator of rising consumption, the NTPC group, the country’s largest generation utility, recorded highest-ever generation in a day at 1,009 million units on January 18. The group achieved gross cumulative generation of 222.4 billion units in the April-December period of 2020, marking an increase of 3.8% over the previous corresponding period.

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