Now, self-propelled vehicle to clean rail tracks

A self-propelled railway track scavenging vehicle may soon replace manual scavenging and cleaning that is still practiced to remove human waste on railway tracks. The multi-functional vehicle requires only one person along with driver to carry out the automatic cleaning of the railway track.

Developed by the Bhopal-based National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, it can be used as a material/garbage transport vehicle from track to road by Indian Railways.

“It can also be used as maintenance/inspection vehicle and disinfectant spraying vehicle by the railways,” said the science ministry in a statement. Referring to the current practice, it said once the garbage is picked up from the tracks, night soil, excessive dirt, oil, and other foreign materials are “ineffectively cleaned” with high-pressure water jets.

The multi-functional self-propelled railway track scavenging vehicle is developed by the NITTTR scientist, Sharad K Pradhan, with support from the advanced manufacturing technologies programme of the department of science & technology.

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