MP : Tiger cub run over by train

A tiger cub was run over by a train in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh on Monday night. This is the second similar incident in the past fortnight in which the state has lost four of its big cats.

The cub was found near the railway tracks between Dodramohar and Polapatthar railway station — around 50 km from Itarsi junction.

Officials say water holes within the Satpura Tiger Reserve are drying up, pushing tigers out in search of both water and prey. “This is a male cub and must have ventured out with its mother in search of water. It apparently got separated and got hit by train. It is from the STR,” a senior forest officer told media.

Earlier, a tigress was run over by a speeding train in Midghat area of Hoshangabad district on Sunday evening.

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