Record transmission in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government said it had achieved historic capacity of power generation and transmission. A total 23,100 MW was generated and transmitted across the state on Tuesday, which is 100% of the demand raised, said energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule.

Bawankule said this makes Maharashtra the highest generator and transmitter of power in the country. “So far, the highest we have gone is 23,000 MW. Even with 23,100 MW, our infrastructure was not over burdened. No tripping or overheating of transformers was reported,” said Bawankule at a press conference.

This spells good news for citizens as it means the state is prepared to meet peak consumption demand during the summer. “The benefit to consumers will be zero or minimal outage in these extremely hot conditions,” said a senior official from Mahavitran, which distributes power to more than two crore consumers across Maharashtra.

The record transmission will also benefit 30 lakh consumers of Reliance, nearly seven lakh of Tata Power and 10.5 lakh electricity users of BEST in Mumbai, sources said.

The city requires 2,500 MW to 3,000 MW of power which peaks to 3,400 MW during summer. Officials from power discoms in the city said they were geared up to procure power from other sources, including purchasing electricity from outside Mumbai or from renewable energy sources.

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