Modi one of world’s best leaders: Ray Dalio

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wryly commented that the praise from Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, would give the latter an opportunity to test his meditation skills in the light of the trolling the philanthropist received on Twitter for saying, “In my opinion, Indian’s Prime Minister Modi is one of the best, if not the best, leaders in the world.”

After Dalio’s interaction with Modi played out on social media, the PM said, “My friend Ray Dalio, the trolling after these words of praise would give you the best opportunity to test your meditation skills and being like a Ninja. On a more serious note, the points below make for a healthy discussion, in the spirit of being radically open minded.”

The 20-odd minute discussion saw Dalio praise Modi’s governance initiatives and his ability to bring people together, which saw several Twitter handles criticise the American billionaire for ignoring BJP’s ‘anti-minority’ posture. Some said the posts amounted to paid tweets.

Dalio said, “In the last election, he won a big mandate from voters for the next five years. I think he has a good chance of creating revolutionarily better outcomes with the broad support of the population. Those are big deals that are hard to find in other countries.” Modi appeared to have followed the social media reactions, noting that some of the loud criticism would test him. “He is doing (leadership) by providing both basics and cutting edge digital technologies as part of his mission for India’s direction. For example, his government built more than 100 million toilets which reduced diseases, potentially saving approximately 300,000 lives by some estimates,” Dalio said.

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