Maoists kidnap and slit throat of 15-year-old boy

Maoists murdered two youngsters in Sukma, including a 15-year old boy, because they have close family members in the security forces. They accused the child of being a police informant, beat him savagely and slit his throat on Sunday night. Five persons, including two off-duty cops, have been murdered in Sukma in the past five days.

Sunday’s killings took place in Milapalli region of Jagargunda area, barely 20km from the site where Maoists ambushed security forces on April 3.

The 15-year-old, Madkam Arjun, was targeted because his brother is a jawan in CRPF’s Bastariya Battalion, said police. The other victim, 21-year-old Taati Hadma, was accused of helping police. His father was an assistant constable, but had quit the force a year ago due to Maoist threats and returned to his village. Bastar range IG P Sundarraj said a group of armed Maoists barged into the houses of Arjun and Taati, dragging them out and marched them into the forest. There, the duo was beaten mercilessly and then their throats were cut.

Their bodies, covered in wounds, were found the next morning. Police found leaflets around the bodies that said the Maoists’ Jagargunda area committee claimed responsibility for the killings. Maoists have been on the rampage this month, beginning with the massacre of 22 security personnel in Tekulguda. On April 15 they cut the throats of two off-duty constables who were on their way to buy veggies and groceries.

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