Isro to launch its maiden flight of SSLV on August 7

The Indian Space Research Organisation will launch the first developmental flight of the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle on August 7.

In a tweet on Monday, the space agency said the SSLVD1/EOS-2 mission will be launched at 9.18am from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, in Sriharikota.

SSLV, in its maiden flight, will carry an earth observation satellite EOS-02 (formerly known as Microsat 2A). The new rocket will also carry Azaadisat, a student satellite with 75 femto experiments, selfie camera to click pictures of its own solar panels and long range communication transponders. Earlier, InSpace had tweeted that Azaadisat is made by 750 girls students from 75 schools across the country.

Isro has invited the public to view the launch from the launch view gallery at SDSC upon registration.

SSLV is a three-stage rocket measuring 2m in diameter and 34m in length with a lift off weight of 120 tonnes. SSLV is capable of launching 500kg satellite in 500km planar orbit from SDSC. Isro said the key features of the rocket are low cost, with low turn-around time (the rocket can be manufactured within a week), flexibility in accommodating multiple satellites, launch on demand feasibility, minimal launch infrastructure requirements.

“SSLV has been designed to meet ‘launch on demand’ requirements in a cost-effective manner. It is a three-stage all solid vehicle with a capability to launch upto 500kg satellite mass into 500km LEO,” Isro said.

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