11th century temple remains found beneath Mahakal shrine

Remains of 11th or 12th century temples were found during construction work at the famous Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain.

A four-member team of archaeologists visiting the temple claimed that some remains were also found scattered in the temple premises that may date to the Shung dynasty – 187BC to 75BC.

The team of archaeologists was visiting the temple two days after stone remains of an idol of a Goddess was found in the front portion of the temple during expansion work. Culture ministry was immediately informed about the findings and a request was made to the state archaeology department to look into the remains.

The team comprising – archaeologist Dr Ramesh Yadav, research assistant Dr Dhruvendra Singh Jodha, surveyor Yogesh Pal and archaeologist Dr Rajesh Kumar – went through various portions of the temple and found fresh remains in the Northern and Southern portion of the temple.

“There appears to be a 11th or 12th century temple underneath the existing Mahakaleshwar temple,” Dr Ramesh Yadav told reporters. “We have found several remains scattered across the temple premises including portions of exquisite pillars, base blocks, portions of the temple dome and stone carved chariot,” he said adding most of these findings are in the Northern end.

The archaeologists had also found portions of antiquated construction indicating a temple site. “Four meters below the surface in the Southern end, we have found remains of a wall that seems to belong to Shung era. There are other remains found earlier indicating that the temple existed in Shung era,” Yadav said.

In 2020, similar remains had surfaced during construction work at the temple leading to an examination by the archaeology department officials. Yadav said a detailed report will be soon submitted to the culture department.

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