Take to natural farming, make it jan andolan: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to farmers across India, especially 80 per cent who are small land holding farmers, to adopt natural farming and look for nature-based solutions that can provide food security as well as help achieve balance with nature. Stating that some states such as his home state Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh have already taken to natural farming, PM Modi also appealed to all state governments to take up natural farming as ‘jan andolan’ and ensure that at least one village in every Panchayat is 100 per cent into natural farming.

“We need to take away farming from the chemistry lab to nature’s lab. And when I say nature’s laboratory, it is entirely science-based,” Modi said while virtually addressing the farmers during the valedictory session of ‘National Conclave on Natural Farming’ being held at Anand in Gujarat.

Along with natural farming, the role of indigenous cows too is very important, he said, adding, the land that needs less irrigation can better withstand droughts and floods.

“When the world is chanting the mantra of ‘Back to Basics’, we need to remember that our civilization was based on agriculture, so imagine, how advanced our knowledge about farming must have been,” the Prime Minister said.

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