Cannot relax, plan for next 25 yrs: PM to BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted BJP workers not to be complacent over recent electoral successes and suggested the party set its agenda for the next 25 years to retain its pre-eminence on India’s political landscape.

In his virtual address to BJP’s national office-bearers’ meeting in Jaipur, Modi said, “We should make a plan for the next 25 years during which we should live by the soaring expectations and aspirations of the people of the country. As the party has governments in 18 states, it has more than 400 MPs and 1,300 MLAs, one might tend to think it’s enough, let’s relax. . . we ought not to be complacent as our founding fathers have taught to continue working hard for people and their welfare. ”

In order to retain BJP’s pre-eminence for the next 25 years, Modi asked party workers to take a pledge to ensure that every citizen avails the benefits of the welfare schemes. The Prime Minister floated the slogan of “Har Ghar Bhajpa, Har Garib Ka Kalyan” and suggested that party workers should reach out to every household just as they do during the elections.

Modi asked BJP leaders not to “fall in the trap” of some political parties which have an “ecosystem” to divert the country's attention from main matters. “For own benefits, these political parties try to poison the society on issues. . .they try to instigate in the name of caste and religion. We should never fall in their trap,” he said.

Modi also used the occasion to speak indirectly about the recent controversies over language issues, saying, “Prioritising local languages in the new National Education Policy reflects our commitment to each regional language.

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