Pune: 90% land measurement complete for ring road

Ninety percent of land measurement has been completed for the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation ring road project, Pune collector Rajesh Deshmukh said.

He said that rates were being decided for land acquisition in two of the talukas. The land measurement for the western part was completed and the eastern part is now nearing completion for the proposed 173.3km ring road project, said district officials. There are 37 villages in the western part, while the eastern part has around 50 villages. Private land has to be acquired from 83 villages for the project, while three of the villages have purely government land.

“We have made good progress on land measurement in both eastern and western parts for land acquisition after which acquisition rates will be finalised for these villages,” the collector said. Of the total 173 km route, 68 km stretch will be on the western side, while 105 km will be on the eastern side.

MSRDC officials said that following the land measurement, the major work will be land acquisition.

“The land measurement and land acquisition should be completed during the monsoon so that work can commence from October onwards. Once the land is in possession, the tendering work will commence. The project is expected to be complete within two years,” said an official.

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