ISI’s K2 desk gets active again

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence has formed a new outfit, Lashkar-e-Khalsa -comprising Kashmiri and Khalistani terrorists -that will employ a deadly cocktail of Khalistani and Kashmiri terrorists to carry out strikes in the country.. An intelligence note accessed suggests that ISI has revived its K2 (Kashmir-Khalistan) plan that dates back to 2016 and is trying to recruit youths through social media. The ISI plan came to light after Indian agencies stumbled upon an ID, Amar Khalistani, that was running Facebook pages like “Azad Kashmir & Khalistan”. ISI is providing funds for targeted killings of right-wing leaders and opponents of terrorism by using gangsters in the hope of reviving militancy, the intel suggests. This project was started in 2016, with specific goals regarding recruitment and targets. Officials in the intelligence establishment said the initial players chosen to head on-ground operations were Pakistan-based Khalistan radicals Harmeet Singh, alias “PhD”, the Khalistan Liberation Force chief murdered in Pakistan in February last year, and Lakhbir Singh, alias Rode, the chief of KZF (Khalistan Zindabad Force)

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