Modi bags third spot in popularity survey

Ahead of Prime Miinister Narendra Modi's visit to Switzerland for the Davos summit, an international survey has ranked him among the top three leaders of the world.

Gallup International in its annual survey — Opinion of Global Leaders, conducted across 50 nations — rated PM Modi among the world's top three leaders. The top spot went to French president Emmanuel Macron (net score 21), followed by the German chancellor Angela Merkel (net score of 20). Modi, ranked at number three, had a net score of 8.

The ranking puts PM Modi ahead of the likes of US president Donald Trump, Chinese president Xi Jinping, Russian president Vladimir Putin, UK prime minister Theresa May and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. The survey shows that Modi is a popular leader in the Indian subcontinent with 69% of respondents in Afghanistan and 51% in Bangladesh holding a favourable view towards him.

According to Gallup, 53,769 persons were interviewed globally. In each country a representative sample of around 1,000 men and women was interviewed either face-to-face, or via phone, or through online mediums. The field work was conducted during October-December 2017.

The survey also shows 53% of Indians favour Trump, the highest the US president seemed to have got among most Asian countries. Thirty-four per cent of the respondents in the US have a favourable view towards the Indian prime minister.

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