Pune: 44 ­km riverfront development project approved

The standing committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation has given the nod to execute the river development project on the lines of the Ahmedabad project which will be executed on the 44-km river stretch that passes through the city.

Municipal commissioner Kunal Kumar said that Ahmedabad has only 11.5 km riverfront development project but Pune is planning a 44 km stretch. “Ahmedabad had spent ₹110 crore per km. However, considering Pune’s ground situation, we will need only ₹60 crore per km,” said Kumar. Kumar said that the SPV will decide the funding pattern for it. PMC is already executing this project with the help of Japan International Co-operation Agency. Under this project PMC is spending ₹1,000 crore to improve water quality and stop discharge of untreated water in the river. Under the riverfront development project, PMC is going to make the river safer and undertake beautification work.

Under this project, PMC is going to preserve all historical sites and create open spaces and gardens around the river.

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