Goal Of Making India $5 Trillion Economy By 2024 Is Achievable

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that with the elections having concluded, it is now time for everyone to work for development of the country and announced a panel, which will include some chief ministers, to review reforms and plan initiatives for the farm sector.

Speaking at the Niti Aayog meeting of CMs, the PM urged states for a collective fight against poverty, unemployment, drought, flood, pollution, corruption and violence. He announced the panel of CMs in his concluding remarks to the meeting. The panel will be formed soon and will submit its report within two to three months.

Modi also that the goal of making India a $5 trillion economy by 2024 was challenging but achievable with concerted efforts of states and urged them to focus on export promotion as it was vital to boost incomes and jobs. The PM said the committee on farm sector will take a holistic approach on farm sector reforms, including allied activities.

The focus on farm sector is significant as the issue of distress in agriculture was a major theme in the elections. Though the opposition attacks on this issue did not hurt the government, both BJP and Congress put a strong focus on measures for farmers in their campaigns and manifestos.

The PM said the country was moving towards a governance system characterised by performance, transparency and delivery.

He said empowerment, and ease of living, have to be provided to each and every Indian and the goals that have been set for the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, should be accomplished by October 2, and work should begin in earnest towards the goals for 2022, the 75th anniversary of  independence.

“On-ground implementation of schemes is vital. I urge members of the governing council to help create a government setup which works and has the people's trust,” Modi said.

“The goal to make India a $5 trillion economy by 2024, is challenging, but can surely be achieved. States should recognise their core competence and work towards raising GDP targets right from the district level,” the PM said and later added that the endeavour should be to achieve this target at the earliest. He said states should aim to increase their economy by 2 to 2.5 times and this would help raise the purchasing power of the common man. Modi said both the Centre and the states should work towards boosting growth in exports, to raise per capita incomes, adding that there was immense untapped export potential in several states, including the northeastern states.

Describing water as an important element for life, the PM said that the poor bear the brunt of insufficient water conservation efforts.

He said the newly created Jal Shakti ministry will help provide an integrated approach to water. Modi urged states to also integrate their efforts towards water conservation and management, stating that management of available water resources was a vital imperative.

The PM said the aim is to provide piped water to every rural home by 2024 and attention has to be given to water conservation, and raising the water table.

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