South peninsular India records hottest May days in history

The south peninsular India recorded the hottest May days in its history this summer with the average day temperature surging above 1.19°C during the month — the highest spike since 1901.

The south peninsular India was the only broad region in the country recording abnormally high temperatures in comparison to the years in the century. Other regions as well as India as a whole did not register significant records in day and night temperatures this May.

The average minimum temperature in the south peninsular India, too, was high enough to make May nights the second hottest in the history there. Vellore in Tamil Nadu recorded 40°C or above day temperatures on 29 days of May. Kozhikode in Kerala recorded 28 such days.

A K Srivastava, head, Climate Research Division, IMD Pune, said that the average day temperature last month in the south peninsular India was 35.65°C, above normal by 1.19°C, making this May the hottest on record for the region. The average minimum temperature in the region during May was 26.7°C — higher than normal by 0.84°C and the second warmest average minimum temperature there ever.

For the country, the month was 16th hottest May in its history. In terms of the hot days the country experienced this May, IMD data ranked it on the 10th position in comparison to the past 118 years.

The central India recorded its 11th hottest May this year when the average day temperatures were calculated.

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