Rajasthan’s Churu hottest in country: 50.8 degrees

Churu in Rajasthan beat Chandrapur in Maharashtra— which had recorded 47.8 degrees Celsius on May 28 — to become the hottest place in the country at 50.8 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

With Rajasthan reeling under sweltering heat for the fifth consecutive day, Jaipur Met office has issued a red alert for most of western and some eastern parts of the state for the next five days.

The last time Churu saw its maximum temperature exceeding 50°C was on May 19, 2016, when the mercury had soared to 50.2°C. “Churu’s maximum temperature on Saturday was the highest-ever registered by Jaipur Met office in any station,” said Shiv Ganesh, director, Jaipur Met office.

The Met office forecasted severe heatwave conditions till June 4 in western Rajasthan .Jaipur recorded a maximum temperature of 45.2°C while most of Rajasthan — except Udaipur — experienced a maximum temperature above 44°C.

Apart from a few dust storms and mild showers, the weather is expected to remain dry in the state. The number of patients complaining of vomiting, diarrhoea, heat stroke and sunburns has been rising . “People should consume at least three litres of water daily, avoid outside food and use sunscreen while going outdoors,” said a senior doctor of a private hospital. 

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