E-way Bill Portal Crashes

In what will further increase confusion for companies and transporters after the central e-way bill portal crashed, state governments are now giving separate dates for its implementation for cargo transportation in the states.

Earlier in the morning, the Gujarat government notified that the fresh date for implementation of the bill is February 20.

A person in the know said Uttarakhand has set a date of February 10. Some have said they will wait for a fresh date from the Centre.

The e-way bill portal crashed on Thursday on its first day of implementation leading to shipments worth hundreds of crores being stuck on highways. The bill, a key element of the GST regime, is a complex new digital document and tracker of cargo transportation by road. It was introduced on a trial period on January 15 and was scheduled for implementation on February 1. The GST Council said in a tweet on Thursday that it was extending the trial period and would give a fresh date of nationwide implementation shortly.

There are two kinds of e-way bills generated for intra-state and inter-state transportation. The state governments are accountable for the former, but experts said such arbitrary dates would be a problem as there is a common database of all the bills.

The bill is generated every time a cargo item worth more than ₹50,000 crosses 10 kilometres. Any entity under GST, the shipper/ consigner, the logistics company or the transporter can generate the bill.

Most companies still have shipments stuck in highways “as they are unwilling to just be reassured by tweets that the trial period had been extended”, said a person in the know of things.

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