Maharashtra Infrastructure Development Enabling Authority Act

The state cabinet cleared the Maharashtra Infrastructure Development Enabling Authority Act, which will serve as a framework to allow for infrastructure proposals to be allotted to private players using the Swiss challenge method.

The method is a new process of giving contracts. Any person with credentials can submit a development proposal to the government. The proposal will be put online and a second person can give suggestions to improve and beat that proposal.

The state government has finalised rules to implement the new methodology. The government is also looking at amending some Acts related to procurement and contract allotment to accommodate this new method.

PWD has finalised the methodology and it will be applicable to all departments in the state government.

The guidelines set by the state government are on the basis of a Supreme Court order in 2009. Some criteria the government has set are that the person who proposes the idea has to be capable of executing the project, raising revenue and also the project that has been proposed should not be in contravention of current laws. 

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