PMRDA: Seal on draft DP for four town planning schemes

The draft development plan for four town planning schemes in the Pune Metropolitan Region were cleared on January 9, pushing forward the projects along the proposed 128 km ring road and paving the way for development work on nearly 500 hectares.

One scheme each will come up at Vadachiwadi and Autande Handewadi. Two projects would be developed in Holkarwadi.

The commissioner of the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority cleared the town planning schemes according to the powers granted to him by the state government. All the four schemes would be along the 32 km-long first stretch of the proposed ring road — from Satara road to Nagar road, a PMRDA official said.

The scheme at Vadachiwadi would come up on 134.79 hectares. The project at Autande Handewadi would be on 94.44 hectares. One of the two projects at Holkarwadi would be on 158.19 hectares and the other on 130.78 hectares.

A total of five town planning schemes, including the four cleared on January 9, would come up along the proposed ring road. The Manjari-Kalewadi town planning scheme along the ring road was cleared earlier.

The Pune Metropolitan Region would see a total of six town planning schemes — the five along the proposed ring road and the Mann-Mhalunge town planning scheme — coming up in this year, said the PMRDA commissioner, Vikram Kumar.

He said the recent clearance to the draft development project of the four town planning schemes would help speed up the work to appoint the arbitrator and initiate talks with the landowners.

After the draft DP of a town planning scheme is cleared, the arbitrator is appointed to talk to landowners. Thereafter, clearance is sought from the town planning department. Finally, the proposal is submitted to the state government for the final approval for rolling out the project.

The PMR authorities were successful in completing the process for the Mann-Mhalunge scheme. The remaining schemes, too, would be carried out in the same process, said an official.

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