Expansionism is a mental disorder: PM

Today the whole world is troubled by expansionist forces, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, adding that expansionism is a mental disorder in a way and reflects 18th Century thinking. Delivering an unambiguous message to India's enemies, he said that the country would give a fierce reply if provoked. He had flown to Longewala Post to celebrate Diwali with soldiers, a custom he has been observing since assuming office in 2014.

He did not take the name of any country, but his indication was almost clear towards China, whose People Liberation Army indulged in a deadly clash in June with Indian soldiers in the Ladakh region. Terming expansionism a reflection of a "distorted mindset", Modi said that India is also becoming a strong voice against this thinking.

"No force in the world can stop our brave soldiers from protecting the country's border," the Prime Minister said. “The world now understands that this nation won't compromise with its interests, not at any cost. This repute and stature of India is all due to your strength and valour. India is clearly presenting its opinions on international fora today because you have secured the nation," said PM Modi. "Today the strategy of India is clear. Today's India believes in the policy of understanding and making others understand. But if attempts are made to test us, the reply they receive is intense," he added.

The Prime Minister further stated, today India kills terrorists and their leaders by entering their homes. The prime minister also underlined the importance of having strong capability, saying despite advanced international cooperation and equations, vigilance is the path to security, alertness leads to happiness and peace is the prize of having strength.

Earlier, on June 15-16, 20 Indian soldiers had lost their lives in the violent face-off with troops of People’s Liberation Army of China in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. It happened as a result of an attempt by the Chinese troops to unilaterally change the status quo during the de-escalation in eastern Ladakh.

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