BJP’s income in 2019-20 up 50%

BJP’s income in 2019-20 jumped almost 50% to ₹3,623 crore from ₹2,410 crore in 2018-19, while its total expenditure rose 64% to ₹1,651 crore from ₹1,005 crore over the same period.

According to BJP’s annual audit report for the year 2019-20 put out by the Election Commission on Monday, the ruling party recieved ₹2,555 crore from electoral bonds in 2019-20, a 76% increase over its ₹1,450 crore income through this route in 2018-19. Total election expenditure of BJP in 2019-20, an election year, stood at ₹1,352.92 crore, up from ₹792.37 crore in 2018-19.

The ruling party’s income in 2019-20 was almost 5.3 times of Congress’s total receipts totalling ₹682 crore that year, and its expenditure 1.6 times of the main opposition party’s total spend of ₹998 crore in the same year. Interestingly, BJP’s income in 2019-20 was more than three times the combined income of the other six national parties, namely, Congress, Trinamool Congress, NCP, BSP, CPI and CPI. 

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