More than 30% Indians suffer from hypertension

A Lancet study, published on Wednesday, says more than 30% of Indians suffer from hypertension. The report, an international collaboration, including experts from ICMR, also says that the number of adults living with hypertension worldwide has doubled in the last 30 years.

Half of them, says the study, did not even know they had hypertension.

“The ‘rule of halves’ for hypertension,” says Dr V Mohan, director of Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, who was one of the collaborators on the research. “Half the people with high blood pressure are not known; half of those known are not treated, and half of those treated are not controlled.”

The Lancet study, which used data from 100 million people between 30-79 years in 184 countries, is considered one of the most comprehensive reviews of global trends in hypertension to date.

“In India, 30% of those above 20 years have hypertension, but because the condition is age-related, in the population above 40 years, around 50% will have high blood pressure,” says Dr Mohan.

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