Drones to monitor Maha power lines

Energy minister Nitin Raut on Sunday announced that Maharashtra has 24 drones with video camera and thermal-vision cameras to check faults in power transmission lines across state. This will ensure speedy repair and restoration of supply for 3crore electricity consumers in a crisis situation.

The drone cameras will fly at a height of 50 metres and can fly upto 15km for an hour on a single battery charge. The drones are equipped with ultra HD cameras which can take high resolution close-up photographs and videos of the towers and their components. The video recording allows better assessment of faults in the lines, he said.

“Using drones can slash costs for maintenance and reduce losses from outages,” a senior MSETCL official said. He said drones had potential to revolutionise the way we inspect our power lines and transmission towers. “It allows aerial surveillance which is more efficient than manual survey of lines. It will help to detect defects at the incipient stage in transmission lines,” he stated.

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