GST tops ₹1 Lakh crore in April

Revenue from GST crossed the Rs.1 lakh crore mark in April, indicating stabilisation of the new tax reform measure that was implemented in July last year and an increase in compliance. The government has raised Rs.7.4 lakh crore in 2017-18 from GST.

The Rs.1 lakh crore collection figure is for March, 2018 that was paid in April. The total revenue earned by the government and the state governments after settlement in April, 2018 was Rs.32,493 crore for CGST and Rs.40,257 crore for SGST.

Revenue collected in April was Rs.1,03,458 crore, of which CGST was Rs.18,652 crore, SGST Rs.25,704 crore, IGST Rs.50,548 crore (including 21,246 crore collected on imports) and cess was Rs.8,554 crore (including Rs.702 crore collected on imports).

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