PMRDA to float tenders for Hyperloop in August

The Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority will float tenders for the much vaunted Pune-Mumbai Hyperloop project by the middle of next month.

Last week, the project was designated a public infrastructure project by Maharashtra Infrastructure Development Enabling Authority,  The DP World-Virgin Hyperloop consortium will soon be awarded the infrastructure certificate and the Original Project Proponent.

The will then have to prepare a detailed project report, which can then be challenged by other bidders in Swiss Challenge method. “Any bidder can give suggestions for improving or beating the initial proposal once the DPR is out,” PMRDA commissioner Vikram Kumar said.

Whichever bidder submits the best proposal will then be awarded the OPP status and will bear the cost of the project. The state government will provide the land required for the implementation of the test track and the main track.

A Hyperloop is a mode of high-speed transportation, where a pod-like vehicle travels through a tube at a speed which is more than the airline speed. If the government’s plan works out, people will be able to travel from Pune to Mumbai in 25 minutes.

The project will be implemented in two phases — first a test track on an 11.4 km corridor from Gahunje to Ozarde, followed by the final, 117.5 km track.

Experts said the project will improve connectivity for the 26 million residents of both cities, and expect 150 million people to use the service annually.

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