MP becomes sixth state to pass resolution against CAA

The Kamal Nath-led cabinet in Madhya Pradesh passed a resolution against Citizenship Amendment Act, becoming the sixth state and fourth Congress ruled government to do so.

The resolution will now be forwarded to the Narendra Modi-led Union government, said law minister P C Sharma.

“The Madhya Pradesh government, in order to ensure equality to all sections of people before law, as intended and provided in the Indian Constitution, urges the government of India to repeal Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019,” says the resolution. Punjab, Bengal, Kerala, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh passed similar resolutions.

“The Madhya Pradesh government also urges the Government of India not to seek new information for updation of National Population Register 2020 from people so that apprehensions in the minds of citizens is dispelled and only after this NPR updation work is undertaken,” it adds.

Secularism is a fundamental percept of the Constitution, and it cannot be changed, the resolution says. “Preamble of the Constitution clearly mentions that India is a secular nation. Besides, Article 14 of the Constitution guarantees equality to all sections of people without discrimination. This will threaten the very secular fabric and spirit of tolerance in the country,” it says, arguing that CAA 2019 is discriminatory as it grants citizenship on grounds of religion.

“It is not in keeping with the secular character of Indian Constitution. After the Constitution came into effect, it is for the first time that a law has been enacted that discriminates among people on the grounds of religion. This will jeopardize the secular character of the nation and its belief in communal harmony,” it warned.

The Kamal Nath government wonders why CAA was enacted at all. “Why such provisions were made in CAA 2019 is beyond the understanding of people. At the same time, it gives birth to apprehensions, which has led to extensive protests,” the resolution says.

Leader of opposition Gopal Bhargava called it a “laughable resolution”. “It won’t make any difference. Implementation of CAA is the work of the Centre, states have no role but to follow the Act. State governments cannot take decisions on matters that are in Centre’s jurisdiction,” Bhargava said.

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