Railways: Mumbai to Delhi in 12 hours

With major upgradation plans to increase train speeds, travel time between Mumbai and New Delhi is likely to come down to 12 hours, saving commuters over three hours. The Indian Railways has drawn up a plan to boost infrastructure, which includes providing fencing and strengthening bridges along the entire 1,384-km corridor so the trains can run at 160 kmph, instead of the current 130 kmph.

The upgradation work is pegged at Rs.11,188 crore, including Rs.4,011 crore on Western Railway.

To achieve this, the Railways will have to undertake upgradation of tracks, bridges, signalling and over head equipment installations, besides removal of some permanent speed restrictions. The Mumbai-New Delhi passes through seven states and four zonal railways – Northern Railway, North Central Railway, West Central Railway and Western Railway. Of the 1,384-km route, around 694 km is through WR territory, between Mumbai Central and Nagda.

Fencing (RCC walls or wire fencing) will have to be provided throughout the route to prevent trespassing and cattle from being run over. The cost of boundary wall/fencing in WR’s jurisdiction from Mumbai Central to Nagda alone is Rs.600 crore.

All 186 manned level crossing gates will have to be eliminated and ROBs or subways built to ensure a speed of 160 kmph. Also, permanent speed restrictions will have to removed so that trains can achieve the desired speed. Besides, bridges on the route will have to be strengthened.

The cost of rehabilitation of bridges will cost around Rs.550 crore in the Western Railway jurisdiction up to Nagda. New OHE mast as well more substations and improvement in signalling system will also have to be undertaken.

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