AIMPLB opposes uniform civil code

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has sought a new legislation against blasphemy and has expressed concerns over “increasing instances of insult to holy figures.”

Maulana Saifullah Rahmani, general secretary of the AIMPLB, said the board, at a meeting in Kanpur, suggested that the law should cover all religions in the country to protect revered figures, religions and religious beliefs from malicious attempts.

The board also said that the Uniform Civil Code was neither suitable nor useful for a vast multi-religious country like India, adding that it was antithetical to the fundamental right to practice religion as enshrined in the Constitution.

“India is a multi-faith country, and every citizen is guaranteed to practice and profess his faith and religious beliefs, and to act on and preach the same,” the AIMPLB said in a statement.

The board has also asked the government and judiciary to refrain from interpreting holy scriptures, saying only religious authorities were eligible to do that.

“This amounts to encroachment upon the religious rights of the citizens,” it said.

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