Trump may be good for India: Mukesh Ambani

American President Donald Trump might be a blessing in disguise for India, said Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani.“It will help Indian talent and Indian IT industry to focus on solving problems in India. The domestic market is huge and this provides an opportunity to improve people's quality of life and to make sure industries are more productive,“ he said at the Nasscom India Leadership Forum 2017 in Mumbai.

In a similar vein, TCS' outgoing CEO and Tata Sons chairman-designate N Chandrasekaran said the Indian IT industry is reimagining itself to add value to its clients. “I think every time there is a regulation change or a perceived challenge, whether it is H-1B or increase in visa fee, people talk about IT industry being in trouble. I want to categorically say it is the most exciting industry to be in,“ he said. He added, “Every business is getting reimagined. So, the opportunity and the demand that we are going to see is just huge. Whether it's products or platforms -it's almost like a cricket pitch where the occasional ball will do something.“

Speaking on the topic `Dial D for disruption: Is data the new oil?', Ambani argued on how data is at the heart of India's digital transformation story , how the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution is connectivity and data. “Yes, to my mind, data is the new natural resource and, fundamentally, you have to have a lot of people to generate data and, in that sense, India is naturally blessed with its 1.3 billion people.We are really at the beginning of the era where data is really the new oil and India, with its talent and young population, will be the natural resource that will have a competitive ad vantage,“ he said.

Speaking about tech impact, he explained how Aadhaar helped Jio add 1 million users per day using e-KYC. “Remember, at the end, tech has to adjust to human beings and not the other way round. The big lesson for all of us to understand is that there is common sense and tech has to adjust to human beings. At the end, it has to serve society.“

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