Niti Aayog Kick-Starts Work on 2035 Vision Document

The NITI Aayog has kick-started the exercise for drafting the Vision Document 2035, a 15-year vision for India starting from 2020, with a mandate for a paradigm shift in policy thinking and formulation.

The Prime Minister’s Office has directed the Aayog to engage the best Indian and overseas subject experts for consultation while preparing the document, saying business-as-usual approach will not work..

The directive from above is to think globally and act locally, whereby we are identifying best experts and practices worldwide across a dozen sectors to draft an outcome oriented document with policy prescriptions that can bring about a shift in approach to addressing India’s key problems of unemployment, lower exports and stagnation in the agricultural sector.

While the key chapters in the vision document have yet to be finalised, the government’s think tank is holding deliberations on important issues such as using data for improving governance, ways to push rural income, measures to boost Industry 4.0, making India a preferred manufacturing destination.

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