KIA to be first airport in south to have operational parallel runways

Kempegowda International Airport will soon make history by becoming the first airport in south India to have operational parallel runways, enabling planes to take off and land simultaneously when its northern runway re-opens on March 25. The refurbished runway, which includes an LED centre line and edge lights, is expected to reduce aircraft taxiing time by at least 15 minutes.

Also known as the old runway, it was closed for maintenance in mid-June 2020 and aircraft operations were completely shifted to the southern/second runway which runs parallelly.

Sources with Bangalore International Airport Limited said the old runway has received new life with a fresh asphalt top layer along with strengthening of the surface. It has now been equipped with two more entry taxiways and additional transmissometers for runway visibility. When operational from March-end, the runways are likely to be used simultaneously for landings and takeoffs. This will make KIA the first airport in south India to have parallel runways that are independent and operational. Delhi airport already boasts of parallel runways that are functional, sources said.

According to experts, the revamped runway will reduce the taxiing time of aircraft before take-off and landing. However, it will not be CAT IIIB-compliant, which allows pilots to land aircraft at a visual range as low as 50 metres and take off at 125 metres.

KIA’s southern runway made history on January 21, 2021 by becoming the first CAT IIIB-compliant airport in south India.

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