Lucknow: LMC widens revenue net with paid services

Targeting extra revenue, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation has introduced a set of paid services for individuals.

These services include collecting construction debris, cleaning of plots, tree cutting, fogging at private compounds, sodium hypochlorite sanitization against Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, water tankers and mobile toilets. People can book these services either on the ‘Lucknow One’ app or call at 6389300431. The timing will be between 10am to 6pm, an LMC press release said.

According to officials, these services can be availed by those who are organising any private or commercial function in their housing or business premises. The water tanker service was already available, while the other services have now been included in the list. The facility has been started as a pilot project with immediate effect for a month. If successful, it will be made a permanent feature.

Officials said the decision will also benefit citizens as private players charge high fees for these services. They clarified that people unhappy with civic conditions in their area will continue to get services as usual. For example, if there is a mosquito menace or sanitisation of a place is required or trimming of trees is necessary, people can lodge complaints and their grievances will be addressed.

However, officers added, if somebody wants any of these services — fogging, sanitisation, water, mobile toilets and tree-trimming — at properties where they are planning some private or commercial event, the person will have to pay. Also, cleaning of plots or removal of construction debris to make way for new construction at private properties will be chargeable.

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