Covid-19: India records highest daily cases in 2021

India registered a record number of daily Covid-19 cases on Wednesday with 22,823 patients testing positive for the virus, the highest since December 24 last year when 23,454 infections were recorded.

Maharashtra continued to drive the fresh surge in the pandemic with 13,659 new cases on Wednesday, which was the highest since October 7. However, in a clear indication that the virus is surging again in other parts of the country as well, daily cases recorded by eight other states were also the highest over several weeks. Punjab recorded 1,422 cases, the highest since September 30; Karnataka 760, highest since January 23; Gujarat 675, highest since January 8; Tamil Nadu 671, highest since January 13; Madhya Pradesh 516, highest since January 10; Chhattisgarh 456, highest since January 25; Delhi 370, highest since January 12 and Haryana 359, highest since December 30.

India recorded 125 fresh fatalities on Wednesday, lower than 133 the previous day. While daily cases have continuously gone up since February 14, reaching the levels seen in the last week of December, the uptick in daily fatalities is not the same that was witnessed during that period. Average daily deaths in the last week of December stood at 272, but in the last seven days (March 4 to March 10) the corresponding figure was 107.

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