Foundation work for Ram Temple begins

The foundation work for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya began on Monday with the filling up of its foundation.

The 13,000sq ft of foundation will be filled with multiple layers of cohesive material which will raise the foundation to 25ft above the ground.

Before starting work on the temple’s foundation, a prayer was performed at Ram Janmabhoomi in the presence of Ram Mandir Trust secretary Champat Rai, trustee Dr Anil Mishra, Ayodhya DIG Deepak Kumar and district magistrate Anuj Kumar Jha.

The temple will not stand on multiple pillars, but its base will be firmed up with 50 layers of cohesive material.

Cement and iron may be excluded from the foundation-laying exercise as both can’t withstand the vagaries of nature for long, said experts who spent weeks brainstorming on the fresh blueprint. A 40-foot deep pit has been dug up to prepare the temple base.

According to sources in the Trust, the concoction for each layer could include grinded stone, sand dust, micro silica and other chemicals.

The first temple blueprint included 1,000 pillars spiralling from the foundation to an approximate height of a three-storied building to hold the grand temple.

However, during test piling, the pillars failed to take a weight equivalent to that of the planned temple structure. This was attributed to a lack of strong earth stratum at the Ramjanmabhoomi site due to the presence of water underneath.

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