Telangana: 13th century Trimurthi sculpture found in Nalgonda

Archaeologists have found a rare sculpture of Trimurthi in Nalgonda district when the villagers were clearing the debris in Yogananda Narasimha Swamy temple at Nomula village in Nakrekal mandal.

E Sivanagi Reddy, archaeologist, discovered the sculpture on Wednesday.

“The temple was built during the Kakatiya period and is in ruins due to lack of maintainance,” said Sivanagi Reddy.

“We found several sculptures like Bhairava, Mahishasura, Chandi, Chamunda, Veerabhadra, Bhadrakali and Ganesha at the old Sivalayam based on the information given by the villagers. Sivanagi Reddy visited the spot. We examined the sculptures,” an archaeologist said.

The Trimurthi sculpture carved out in black granite stone is one of its kind in Telangana, he said. The sculpture is unique as it represents the three Hindu gods.

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