Mumbai: Consultant picked for 1.6km Colaba-Nariman Point link plan

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority has finalised plans for a 1.6km-long sealink connecting Nariman Point to Colaba.

“The new bridge will overcome existing traffic problems and enable smooth travel,” said an MMRDA spokesperson. We have appointed a project management consultant, who will prepare a detailed project report, suggest alignment, conduct a traffic survey and study necessary permissions that need to be obtained for carrying out the project.”

The 2+2 lane connector is likely to originate near NCPA and end at Cuffe Parade. It will ensure the completion of an effective ring road around Mumbai. Over a decade ago, Lea Associates had submitted a traffic survey report to the MMRDA, recommending the bridge.

At present, there is only a single road -- Captain Prakash Pethe Marg -- connecting Nariman Point with Colaba. As a result, heavy traffic congestion, especially during peak hours, is reported almost daily.

The PMC will undertake the tendering process and calculate the estimated cost of the project. There could be hurdles as the project is in a high security zone: the sea off the stretch is patrolled by the Coast Guard, and there is also heavy Navy presence. Environmental clearances will be required as there may be reclamation involved; there are concerns that the work can endanger marine life.

The fishing community too has concerns regarding the project. Allaying those, metropolitan commissioner RA Rajeev said, “The Nariman Point to Colaba bridge will not affect the livelihood of fishermen and we will take care of it.” He said, “All precautionary measures will be adopted. No obstruction will be caused to fishing boats due to project work. Also, the PMC will conduct a study of marine species.”

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