June 2022: Motown musings

India’s passenger vehicle industry logged one of its highest-ever monthly sales volumes this June, with chronic supply bottlenecks easing sufficiently for automakers to raise output and meet robust consumer demand.

Industry estimates showed that around 321,000 passenger vehicles were dispatched from factories to dealerships in June, marking an increase of about 25% from 255,743 units sold in the same period last year.

Volumes would have been even higher — likely breaking past records — had market leader Maruti Suzuki not gone in for a week-long maintenance shutdown.

October 2020 saw the highest monthly sales for the passenger vehicle industry, with dispatches crossing 334,000 units.

Automakers in India mostly report wholesale dispatches from factory to dealership, and not retail sales to customers.

Maruti Suzuki sold 122,685 passenger vehicles in the local market last month, a decline of 1.3% over the year-ago period. The shortage of electronic components had a minor impact on the production of vehicles.

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