To Maximise Delhi’s Potential As Food Capital, Govt To Redevelop Key Hubs

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that the Delhi government is going to redevelop Delhi’s food hubs starting with Majnu Ka Tilla and Chandni Chowk in the first phase in order to maximise the city’s potential as the food capital. “Delhi's food hubs will be promoted with unique branding all over the country and the world for people coming to Delhi from across the globe to experience,” Kejriwal said in a digital press briefing on Sunday. He added that a design competition for the project will be conducted within the next six weeks, in which layouts will be sought from the country's top architecture firms to develop both the market areas. “In the next 12 weeks, the architectural design will be finalised and the contracts will be granted to start the work of developing both the food hubs. Based on the experience, all the food hubs in Delhi will be identified and developed in the next phase,” he said. He stressed that with the development of these food hubs, business will increase in Delhi. “With the strengthening of the economy, a large number of new employment opportunities will be generated. The Delhi government is working day and night to create 20 lakh jobs in the next five years,” Kejriwal said.

“Delhi is considered the food capital of India. People of Delhi are very fond of both eating and feeding. All types of foods are available in Delhi, including South Indian, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali,” Kejriwal said. “Food from all over the world is available in Delhi. As Delhi is called the food capital of India, we have planned to take this concept forward in a good way,” he said.

He said the food hubs will be branded across the country and around the world so that people coming to Delhi from around the country and the world can come to Delhi’s food hubs too. “We are hopeful that this will generate a lot of jobs,” he said. “We are coming up with many new ideas so that employment opportunities can be created for the youth of Delhi,” he added

The CM said that Majnu Ka Tilla and Chandni Chowk have been selected to be developed as food hubs after ex- tensive research and several meetings with market associations. Kejriwal said that the government will make arrangements for roads, electricity, water, and sanitation inside the food hubs, and all guidelines of food safety and hygiene will be strictly followed.

“There are many food hubs where Tibetan food is good. . . somewhere Chinese. . . somewhere Punjabi. There are food hubs in many places inside Delhi, where all kinds of food are available. We have a plan to develop these as global food hubs,” he explained.

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