Maharashtra to issue unique land identification no. to plots

After digitisation of its land records, the Maharashtra government will now issue a Unique Land Parcel Identification Number to every parcel of land in the state.

The ULPIN is similar to an individual’s Aadhar, said an official. “The ULPIN is generated for every plot based on georeference coordinate of vertices of the parcel. It is based on the longitude and latitude coordinates of the land parcel and relies on surveys and cadastral maps,” said an official. Land records in the state include record of rights, spatial records (cadastral maps) and sale/transfer deeds

Maharashtra has carried out the digitisation of its land records since 2014 onwards and has completed 99% of it. It is still underway for 323 villages of a total of 44,874 villages, as per the central government. According to a Government Resolution issued on Thursday by the state revenue and forest department it is yet to complete the work of georeferencing of all the plots. There are 2. 62 crore digitised 7/12 extracts (Record of Rights) for rural Maharashtra and 60 lakh Property Registration Cards (PRC) for urban Maharashtra. Each of these digitised 7/12 extracts and PRCs will be issued a11-digit ULPIN. In rural areas the ULPIN will begin with 1,2,3 or 4 while in urban areas the ULPIN will begin with 5,6,7,8 or 9. There will be no duplicate ULPIN. And if a plot is divided or plots are amalgamated, then the mutation will get a fresh ULPIN from the centralised database, states the GR.

The project is being undertaken under the central government’s Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme earlier known as the National Land Records Modernisation Programme. It is wholly financed by the Centre.

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