Now, tiranga can be flown day and night

As the nation gets ready to usher in the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence with ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’—as part of which 20 crore houses and 100 crore people will unfurl the national flag between August 13 and 15—the government has amended the Flag Code of India to allow the tricolour to be displayed in the open and on individual houses/buildings through “day and night”.

The provision earlier allowed the flag, when displayed in the open, to be flown from sunrise to sunset “as far as possible”, and “irrespective of weather conditions”. The Flag Code of India, 2002, was amended earlier this week and its Clause (xii) of Para 2. 2 of Part II has been revised as follows: “Where the flag is displayed in open or displayed on the house of a member of the public, it may be flown day and night”.

A member of the public, a private organisation or an educational institution is allowed to hoist the flag on all days and occasions, ceremonial or otherwise, consistent with dignity and honour of the national flag.

The Flag Code was earlier amended on December 30, 2021, allowing the use of polyester, apart from cotton, wool, silk and khadi for making the national flag. It also restricts flying of the tricolour on vehicles, other than that of dignitaries specifically mentioned in the Flag Code.

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